AG Jeff Sessions Rescinded Policy That Allowed States to Decide Legality of Marijuana

Just as California’s law went into effect allowing the sale of marijuana, and despite the fact that 40 states allow marijuana for personal and/or medical use, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded federal guidelines that previously allowed the states to make their own policy on this issue. Sessions’ announcement contradicts President Trump’s campaign promises – and also promises by Sessions himself to members of Congress just before he was approved for his appointment to AG. [The federal government continues to wage war against the marijuana industry but will not touch the problem of opioids, which is much more serious and far more deadly. Do you suppose campaign donations by Big Pharma might have something to do with that?] -GEG

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3 years ago

The fact that 40 states have legalized marijuana nullifies federal marijuana law.

3 years ago

now that folks are used to having marijuana and hemp, they will be charged up the nose for it through corporations.
monsanto has GMO marijuana…my prediction is that it will be available by prescription only at the profit of monsanto and big pharma…
the corporate govt will not allow citizens to make a profit without giving that priority to corporations and screw over the little guy.