China To ‘Regulate’ All Fentanyl Drugs, But Will Continue to Produce Them

China has agreed to regulate all fentanyl-related drugs as a controlled substance. Fentanyl drugs are responsible for many of the deaths in America’s opioid crisis. Chinese chemists create new opioids faster than the old ones can be banned. US officials say that China is the main source of synthetic opioids shipped into America by mail or transported via Mexico. China, however, denies the claim. President Trump says the crackdown could be “a game changer” for the United States where tens of thousands of people die from opioid overdoses annually. [Pardon our skepticism but listen carefully to the exact words Chinese officials use in this announcement. One gets the impression they will increase regulations but they say nothing about banning these drugs or even reducing production. Who cares how much regulation they administer if the drugs continue to be easily available. A major portion of the drug crisis stems from ‘regulated’ opioid prescriptions from medical professionals.In the world of politics, regulations are made to be circumvented by the highest bidder.] -GEG

China said Monday it would begin regulating all fentanyl-related drugs as a class of controlled substances, in a change U.S. officials had long advocated as a way to stem the flow of lethal opioids from China.

The sweeping change in the way China regulates drugs that mimic fentanyl takes effect May 1 and could help end the game of regulatory whack-a-mole with chemists who can manufacture novel opioids faster than they can be banned. It could also facilitate prosecutions of opioid merchants in China, who until now have skirted the law by manufacturing and exporting fentanyl variants that were technically legal in China.

“We firmly believe that listing the entire class of fentanyl substances will completely block the loopholes that enable law breakers to evade punishment by simply modifying one or several atoms, functional groups or other groups,” said Liu Yuejin, vice-commissioner of China’s National Narcotics Control Commission. “It will effectively prevent the massive abuse of fentanyl substances and illegal drug trafficking and smuggling activities, and contribute to global drug control with China’s wisdom and power.”

China already controls 25 variants of fentanyl, plus two precursors used to make the drug. Data from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration have shown that when China bans a variant of fentanyl, seizures of that analog in the U.S. fall.

U.S. officials have repeatedly pointed to China as the main source of synthetic opioids shipped into the country directly by mail or transported via Mexico. China on Monday again denied that claim.

“China’s control over fentanyl drugs is very strict,” Liu told reporters. “It cannot be the main source for the United States. The U.S. accusation lacks evidence and is contrary to the facts.”

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