New Mysteries Emerge from Las Vegas Mass Shooting

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Tucker Carlson visited Las Vegas discussed the mass shooting event with a lawyer and a casino security expert – more questions were raised than were answered.  Doug Poppa has written 35 articles for the Baltimore Post Examiner, and he says that the police are not cooperative.  The police refused to answer his question about where the 40-member SWAT Team was during the event. It is unknown whether the shooter, Stephen Paddock, was known to law enforcement prior to the event.  The Las Vegas Police Homicide division was pulled off the case. Most of the weapons in Paddock’s room had bipods to stabilize them, and ‘bump stocks’, which are used to make semi-automatic rifles fire faster, cannot be used with bipods. Additionally, it does not make sense to have two shooting positions. The lawyer received the special event permit from the city for the outdoor concert that was filled out by hand by a Mandalay Bay corporate executive, instead of Live Nation Entertainment, the producer of the event that took place across the street from the hotel.

The second video features two employees of Mandalay Bay Hotel who filmed themselves during the shooting, police lockdown inside the hotel, and the evacuation. Their footage proves that police were concerned about multiple shooters and that there was a suspected shooter on the 4th floor of Mandalay Bay, although the media ‘debunked’ this information. This event may have been a drill, or a drill that went live.

Video footage from employees of Mandalay Bay Hotel during and after the shooting:


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Desert Chick
Desert Chick
4 years ago

Re: The End Times News Report video. Why withold the names of #7 & 8 and then put their faces up there? Like maybe Mandalay is too dumb to figure out who these two employees are? (Have they been killed yet?) Then the herding of people into the Michael Jackson theatre (which could have turned into a shooting gallery) and then onto busses, to be transported, who knows where. This is sounding like a Drill about herding vast numbers of people to Internment Camps. I think I would not have gone with the crowd; found a broom closet to hide… Read more »