Why Moving the Capital of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem Could Cause World War

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Commentator, ​Jake Morphonios, says that ​President Trump’s ​declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a provocative move toward war with Iran, and a proxy war with Russia and China. He supports this claim by reviewing the ancient history of that land contrasted with the relatively recent claims by the Israeli state.  Many people believe that Jerusalem has been the capital of the kingdom of Israel for 3,000 years, but ​biblical records show that Jerusalem has been the capital for less than 150 years. -GEG

Summary by JW Williams

President Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has lit a powder keg in the Middle East.  The conflict boils down to whether East Jerusalem, which has a large population of Muslim and Christian Palestinians, will be absorbed by Israel.  Israel was established in 1948, but the Zionist state was given only the section of Western Jerusalem, leaving East Jerusalem under the control of TransJordan.  Trump has moved the US, backers of Israel, one step closer to war with Iran, and a proxy war with Russia and China.

Jerusalem was the capital of the kingdom of Israel for less than 150 years, over the past 3000 years, according to biblical and other historical records.  The Unified Kingdom of Israel was established in 1030 BC.  The first king was Saul, followed by David, and then his son, Solomon.  After Solomon’s death in 930 BC, there was a civil war that ended the Kingdom of Israel, it was divided between two nations: the Northern Kingdom, also known as the Kingdom of Samaria or Israel, and was the home of the ten tribes; the Southern Kingdom was the home to the remaining two tribes, including the tribe of Judah that had Jerusalem as its capital.  However, Judah was only a remnant of Israel.

The Northern Kingdom was destroyed by Assyria in 720 BC and the inhabitants were removed from the land and sold off as slaves, known as the 10 lost tribes.  In 589 BC, the Babylonians sacked Judah, and they also purged the land of the Jews and took them as captives, removing them to to Iraq.  The Babylonians were conquered by Persia and the Persian emperor allowed some, but not all, of the members of Judah to return to Jerusalem almost a century later.  The Jews were not allowed to re-establish any political state upon their return.

There was no political State of Israel with Jerusalem as its capital after 930 BC.

In 70 AD, Jews rebelled against Rome and tried to re-establish a Jewish state.  Rome was an empire and if it allowed one of its small territories to become sovereign, then pockets of resistance would crop up all over the empire, so it made an example of the Zionist uprising.  The Roman legions were sent in and they destroyed Jerusalem, including the temple, down to the last stone.  Anyone who did not flee was slaughtered.  This was the beginning of the diaspora.

Morphonios says that there was virtually no Jewish presence in Jerusalem for thousands of years.  In the 1900s, the Rothschilds and their associates began swamping the region with Jews to justify the creation of a Jewish state.  The claim that Jerusalem has been the capital o a Jewish nation for 3000 years is propaganda that takes advantage of people who are quick to accept what they are told, and he says it is verified in the Old Testament.

Historical precedent or continuous presence in the land favors the Palestinian people, who are Arabs that are Muslim and Christian.  Palestinians are the descendants of Abraham’s son, Ishmael.  Most Jews living in Zionist Israel are Ashkenazi Jews who, Morphonios says, trace their lineage to a non-Hebrew people who converted to Judaism around 800 AD.  Most inhabitants of Israel today are atheists, and they have the highest per capita number of atheists of any nation in the world.

In 1967 Six Day War, Israel seized vast tracts of land from Jordan, including East Jerusalem, it also took the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt and the Golan Heights from Syria.  The seizure of East Jerusalem has never been recognized as legitimate by any other country in the world, until Trump.  The debate over the Zionists’ claim to East Jerusalem comes down to whether Israel was justified in taking and annexing that land in 1967.  Historical ownership favors the Palestinians.

Morphonios analyzes Israel’s 6-Day War that many believe was merely a land-grab. In the second part of this video, he reveals the false flag attack against an American ship, the USS Liberty, by Israel, an ally of the US.  Israel intended to sink the USS Liberty, and blame it on their enemy, Egypt, in order to involve the US in their war.  The plan, concocted with President Lyndon Johnson, nearly succeeded, and the US was literally minutes from dropping nuclear bombs on Cairo, Egypt, in retaliation.  Luckily, the mission was called off and terminated.

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5 years ago

What a crock, you should be ashamed of yourself for t5his bilge. Have you ever heard of Abrahm and the promise to him?

Kevin Courtright
Kevin Courtright
5 years ago

The biblical history is accurate, but that doesn’t mean that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is mentioned 660 times in the O.T., and 0 times in the Koran. Melchizedek, who was priest of God Most High, was King of Salem, an earlier name for Jerusalem (Genesis 14:18-20), Israelites fought at least two battles to gain control of Jerusalem (Judges 1:8; 2 Samuel 5:7), and King David is the only one who has ever actually purchased land associated with Jerusalem (2 Samuel 24:18-25). Though God punished (and continues to punish) His people for their unfaithfulness, as the history… Read more »