US Deep State Foreign Policy of Assassination and DisInfo Implicates Hillary, Obama, Mueller and More!

Ben Garrison
The CIA and the deep state are pushing the Russia-Trump collusion accusations to prevent the public from discovering that the deep state (covert agencies) have had a policy over the past 70 years of engaging in assassination and disinformation to overthrow foreign governments. Investigative reporter Lee Stranahan explains that the coup over Ukraine is provable and how to make it break into the mainstream to expose the deep state. [The summary under Stranahan’s video contains links documenting his statements, which are not found at his web site.]

Summary by JW Williams

Investigative reporter, Lee Stranahan, makes a case that Hillary Clinton, the DNC, Barack Obama, the CIA, the deep state, Robert Mueller, and George Soros are complicit in a coup de’tat to oust the governments of Ukraine and Syria.  He advocates calling for Congressional investigations in order to obtain subpoenas that would show how the CIA has had a foreign policy for the last 70 years to overthrow governments by way of assassination and disinformation.

He describes how Hillary had a joint fundraising agreement with the DNC in 2015(1) that allowed her to hand-pick the communications director, and she chose Luis Miranda.

Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian national who worked in Bill Clinton’s White House, acted as a DNC operative and gathered opposition research against Trump during the presidential campaign.  She reported directly to Luis Miranda at the DNC, and admitted to using the offices of The Open Leadership Center, which is a branch of Congress that is not supposed to be used for political activity.  But Chalupa used it for doing opposition research, which was totally political, and therefore, illegal.(2)

Chalupa was acting as an agent of the Ukrainian government under President Petro Poroshenko.  The Ukrainians at the Ukrainian Embassy were ordered to work with the DNC, which was controlled by the Hillary campaign.  It is a crime to use opposition research from foreign agents and it is a crime to pay foreign agents for opposition research.(3)

Mainstream media outlets and internet tech companies like Google and Facebook, who are working with the deep state, also are complicit and are covering up these facts.

This story could cause Mueller to be indicted because he knows that the charges against Paul Manafort are bogus.  This can be proven because in August 2016, a Ukrainian prosecutor came out and said that Manafort’s name was found in secret ledgers with cash payments, but the accusations were later retracted.(4)   The government of Ukraine itself is now investigating this matter.  Mueller is using the power of the government to file false charges against Manafort.

The accusations against Trump colluding with Russia are being used to deflect attention and cover up the coup that was carried out in Ukraine in 2014, led by the CIA, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and former President Obama.  The scheme was funded by George Soros.(5)  Similar tactics have been used in Syria, in order to oust President Assad.

The CIA wants to prevent Americans from finding out that the deep state has had a policy over the past 70 years of engaging in assassination and disinformation.


Stranahan is requesting the public to call into Breitbart’s radio show at 866-95-PATRIOT to ask them to publish this story.

2.  WikiLeaks email from Chalupa to Miranda:

Additional Reading:

Victoria Neuland picks Ukraine’s new government:

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US Deep State Foreign Policy of Assassination and DisInfo Implicates Hillary, Obama, Mueller and More! – Life, Death and all between
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