Puerto Ricans Criticize Trump’s Response to the Hurricane, Claim He Is ‘Racist’

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Puerto Ricans are criticizing President Trump’s response to the hurricane, claiming it is sub-par, due to racism. Tucker Carlson pointed out that the island, which is a US territory, has a 75% majority white population. Therefore, if racism is involved, it is anti-white. [The truth is, the Puerto Rican politicians are just mad because they didn’t get as much money as they asked for.]  -GEG

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4 years ago

Puerto Ricans including this person being interviewed by Tucker Carlson have AN ATTITUDE! America is so bad. (Sarcasm)..it is racist, it is bigoted, it shows partiality, etc. IF TRUE, WHY THEN ARE PEOPLE COMING HERE IN DROVES EITHER LEGALLY OR ILLEGALLY AND PROTESTING DEPORTATION AND CLAMORING FOR AMNESTY?????

Free Oregon
Free Oregon
4 years ago

Do you think the Military is better prepared to blow stuff up than to rebuild?