George Washington’s Church Is Going to Remove His Memorial Plaque

Alexandria, Virginia: George Washington was a founding member of Christ Church in 1773, but the church leaders plan to remove his memorial plaque and a similar one for Robert E. Lee. Church leaders say the memorials, which sit to the left and right of the altar, have become too divisive and might be discouraging parishioners from attending services because some worshipers may feel “unsafe or unwelcome.” -GEG


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It is up to the tithing members of the congregation to tell those leaders in the church that they won’t stand for this. If more do that then the few who objected to the plaque, that will stop this insanity.


Why would anyone get upset when the insanity that is going viral shows up in church?
The predators running that particular church probably think that nobody will notice OR, perhaps they’re even more devious and figure that any advertisement is better than none at all. Their action has resulted in more attention than they’ve seen in a century.

Dick Turpin
Dick Turpin

As a British person all I can say is I fear for your country and what the future holds for decent Americans of all colours.
You are sleep walking to your own demise.