G. Edward Griffin Talks about the Hidden Goal of Extremists Groups and Also about Cancer

G. Edward Griffin is interviewed by We are Change and says the far-left and far-right are both led by professional organizers who likely would not be seen if they were not paid to do their work.  Griffin says the goal of the leaders on both sides of the conflict is to create so much violence and chaos that the public will be grateful when martial law is declared. Once that happens, there will be no return of Constitutional rights.

 Talking about his book on cancer, Griffin says the pharmaceutical industry has little interest in finding a cure because that would cause hundreds of thousands of highly paid medical technicians to seek new employment. Instead of a cure, the business model is ongoing treatments that costs an obscene amount of money. Griffin says the most common cause of cancer is the lack of an important food factor lacking in modern diets.
Mr. Griffin’s Red Pill University is dedicated to exposing the truth hidden by illusions. The plan includes building a campus of truth seekers in every community. It is an idea whose time has come.

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Ten Days at Jekyll Island, a novel by Patrea Patrick, tells the true story of a secret meeting held in November of 1910 on a privately owned resort island, the outcome of which drastically changed the world. It was at this meeting that a banking cartel was forged; a cartel that, three years later, would be issued a government charter to do business as The United States Federal Reserve System. You will discover why secrecy was essential. Based on historical documentation from The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. (More)


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terry shead

First class Edward, I read both of your books w without c and j island, first class reads, in fact the first book I lent to my dentist, can’ t get it back, both of his sons are training to be doctors, I wonder if he will show them the book.


Thank you Edward for your awesome empowering video. Not long ago I wanted to know if prescription drugs were advancing dementia because it has been reported that dementia and Alzheimer’s is at epidemic levels. Most people have no clue that the FDA has approved prescriptions that are targeting millions of peoples brains to advance dementia, Alsheimer’s and brain shrinkage. On this link you will find the listing of 100 prescriptions known to advance dementia, Alzheimer’s and brain shrinkage. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3545994/Common-medicines-including-cold-flu-tablets-heartburn-drugs-sleeping-pills-SHRINK-brain-slow-thinking.html I also was wanting to find a natural solution to help recover your brain and over all health. This is a… Read more »