Judicial Watch Has Filed Lawsuits Against the Trump Administration to Force the President to Get Rid of His Corrupt Appointees

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch is using law suits to pressure President Trump to get rid of corrupt hangovers from the Obama Administration and those loyal to the Deep State. In this video statement, Fitton reviews the many examples of how Trump’s appointees and their agencies have defended and protected those who are guilty of extreme corruption during the Obama Administration, including Hillary Clinton.[The sound is a bit low. but the information is excellent.] -GEG

Video summary by JW Williams:

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch says that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is setting up his own Justice Department to try to throw Trump in jail. He revealed that Mueller’s team raided the home of Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, with guns drawn.  He is harassing Trump’s administration for documents related to firing former staff members.

Fitton says that the Mueller investigation is not proper, according to the Constitution, because he can only be fired for cause, he has not been confirmed by the Senate, and he is not under the supervision of someone who is confirmed. Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller, but now he has been interviewed as a witness in the case.

Mueller interviewed with Trump for the FBI director job, to replace Comey, creating yet another conflict-of-interest.

Comey took unauthorized documents from the FBI and leaked them in order to get a Special Counsel investigation against Trump. Congress, the Department of Justice and the media are silent and seem to be protecting Hillary Clinton. The deep state is also protecting Obama, and they refuse to release FBI investigation reports about his alleged involvement in selling his Senate seat after he was elected president. The State Department refuses to release documents on Benghazi and the IRA refuses to release documents on scrutiny of conservative organizations under Trump.

His appointees are either incompetent, insubordinate or hostile to the idea of transparency and rule of law. The deep state wants Judicial Watch to wait until 2020 to get Hillary’s emails. Susan Rice admitted unmasking Trump associates after she originally denied doing it.

Judicial Watch has filed dozens of lawsuits against the Trump administration to get access to information. There is massive obstruction by the deep state on the Russia case. Republican congressmen are allowing Mueller run wild as they don’t want the responsibility of investigating the Russia allegations.

Fitton says that the public needs to pressure Trump and let him know that we want him to get rid of his corrupt appointees.

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