Tearing Down Monuments Is a Strategy to Control the Narrative of History

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Nationally syndicated radio host, Laura Ingraham, says that the destruction of a Confederate monument in North Carolina is ‘not about racial healing’ but taking control of the narrative of history.  She asks if books will be next and, of course, the answer is yes.  She points out that the Communist Party of America was well represented at the confrontation in Durham, North Carolina, and video clips show clenched-fist salutes throughout the crowd. After vandals pulled down a Confederate statue, the Communists claimed victory!  This part begins 2:48 into the report. –GEG

Nationally syndicated radio host Laura Ingraham said Tuesday the removal of a Confederate monument in North Carolina is “not about racial healing” but destroying history.

“We do give respect to the dead. All of our war dead. We respect them. Not respect everything they stood for, but respect the fact that when the time came they stood up and fought for their views in this country,” Ingraham said during an appearance on “Fox and Friends.”

“What else will be subjected to their eradication and denunciation? This is not about racial healing. This is about the control of the narrative and the destruction of historical recognition. That is terrifying. What about books? Will they start burning books too?”

Ingraham expressed concern over the media’s coverage of the events in Charlottesville, Va., along with the toppling of the Confederate monument in North Carolina Monday evening. Protesters ripped down the statue before spitting on it and kicking it repeatedly.

“This is about controlling a historical narrative, which we see happening all over the world,” she said. “We see it with the Taliban, pulling down Christian historical sites. We’ve seen this in the old Soviet Union. We see this with the Stalinists.”

Ingraham was concerned over the media celebrating such actions and labeled the North Carolina protesters criminals.

“When you see bands of criminals, which is what they were yesterday, ripping down public property and being celebrated in the American media for doing so, we have a real problem on our hands,” she said. “It’s about the eradication of history.”

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John Vian
John Vian
4 years ago

I’ll lay money on it, that they would want to eradicate all of the monuments except for Albert Pike’s. Most Americans don’t even know who General Pike was….

Not racial healing - waynepeterson.pi
4 years ago

[…] correspondent John Davidson of The Federalist best summed up the impact of toppling statues: “This is not about the Confederacy. This is not about the Civil War. This is about political […]