Ron Paul Chooses Sides on the Left vs. Right Debate

Ron Paul, responding to queries from Libertarians asking who to support, the alt-right or the alt-left, says it is a false choice, because both groups advocate authoritarianism.  He says the alt-right elevates racial identity over individual identity and favors massive welfare and entitlement spending for their race.  He criticized the alt-left Antifa crowd for being Marxist and elevating class identity over individual identity and wanting government to run the economy, even though government intervention is the mechanism that allows crony collectivism and monopolies. –GEG

Following the recent clashes between the alt-right and the group antifa, some libertarians have debated which group they should support. The answer is simple: neither. The alt-right and its leftist opponents are two sides of the same authoritarian coin.

The alt-right elevates racial identity over individual identity. The obsession with race leads them to support massive government interference in the economy in order to benefit members of the favored race. They also favor massive welfare and entitlement spending, as long as it functions as a racial spoils system. Some prominent alt-right leaders even support abortion as a way of limiting the minority population. No one who sincerely supports individual liberty, property rights, or the right to life can have any sympathy for this type of racial collectivism.

Antifa, like all Marxists, elevates class identity over individual identity. Antifa supporters believe government must run the economy because otherwise workers will be exploited by greedy capitalists. This faith in central planning ignores economic reality, as well as the reality that in a free market employers and workers voluntarily work together for their mutual benefit. It is only when government intervenes in the economy that crony capitalists have the opportunity to exploit workers, consumers, and taxpayers. Sadly, many on the left confuse the results of the “mixed economy” with free markets.

Ironically, the failure of the Keynesian model of economic authoritarianism, promoted by establishment economists like Paul Krugman, is responsible for the rise of the alt-right and antifa.

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John Vian
John Vian

I refuse to choose any of them. It’s my way of saying I’m 100% against Fascism. Besides, we really don’t have a choice in who we support, that is determined by the powers that be…

Ed LaPinskas
Ed LaPinskas

It is the ignorance of BOTH sides that will create the on-coming Civil War.


This whole confrontation is just another Hegelian dialectic in a never ending series. The Folks behind the curtain will keep projecting these conflicts as long as we the sheople continue to respond accordingly. It keeps the majority of folks occupied with the artificial confrontation, so as to allow them to continue with their diabolical plans, uninhibited. I’d even guess, were one to follow the money, one would find these two opposing groups to be financed by the same deep pockets. Please, gentlefolk, do your homework, and come to our nation’s rescue with me. Talk the talk – walk the walk… Read more »