Israeli Lobby Funds Vacations in Israel for 53 US Congressmen

Israel is paying for the vacations of 53 members of the US Congress while they are on their August break. The junkets are funded by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), a prominent Israeli lobby. The recipients of this political investment are primarily first-term members. They will meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu. –GEG

“The goal of the trips for both the Democratic and Republican groups is to provide members with first-hand knowledge of the U.S.-Israel relationship and critical issues facing American policymakers in the Middle East,” AIEF said. “Topics include regional strategic threats and how recent events may impact the future in the region.”

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Former Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, explains that the Israeli lobby demands that members of Congress pledge loyalty to Israel to qualify for continued funding.

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INSIDE JOB: AIPAC Lobbies Congressman Ted Yoho (R) at Secret Synagogue Meeting – Ted Yoho lied when asked if he attended a closed meeting at a Gaineville synagogue, calling it a “conspiracy theory”.


What? The Jews own the media, the central bank, AND Congress??? Who could have imagined that????