Illinois: Judge Orders State to Pay Medicaid, Despite $15 Billion in Unpaid Bills

Ben Garrison
Illinois already owes $15 billion in unpaid bills, but a US District Court judge ordered the state to pay $586 million a month for its Medicaid program. This will lead to cuts in other programs such as pension funds, payroll, schools, and subsidies to local governments.

The legislature passed a $5 billion tax hike that will increase income tax by 32%, instead of reforming the failed state, which will lead to jobs and taxpayers fleeing the failed state. –GEG

While lawmakers are getting closer to the ending of a historic budget standoff in Illinois, there are still a few hurdles ahead of them.

Despite the state owing $15 billion in unpaid bills, a federal judge has ordered Illinois to pay $586 million a month to its Medicaid bills. This could mean funding for other priority programs cut.

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