Merkel Commits Germany to Pay Africa to Stem the Flow of Refugees

Ahead of the G20 meetings, German Development Minister Gerd Muller warned that global warming could cause up to 100-million Africans to head north as climate and economic refugees.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded by meeting with African leaders and agreed to ‘invest’ $335-million in Africa to help governments limit the number of northbound refugees. –GEG

German Development Minister Gerd Muller warned Sunday that up to 100 million Africans could head north as economic and climate refugees.

Germany is making a push to promote peace and investment in Africa at the G20 summit in Hamburg in July. Muller believes unprecedented migrant populations could head for Europe if climate goals aren’t met and the economic outlook in Africa remains the same.

“If we continue as before, people in many parts of Africa have no other chance than to get to us,” Muller, a member of the Christian Social Union, told German tabloid Bild am Sonntag. “If we do not manage to limit global warming to two degrees, up to 100 million people will move north in the future.”

Muller suggests a large-scale investment Marshall Plan in Africa and higher wages for workers.

“If an Apple phone is sold here for 800 euros, it must be ensured that decent wages are paid in the coltan mines in the Congo and environmental standards are applied,” Muller told Bild.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with African leaders Monday in Berlin to discuss future “reform partnerships.” The chancellor vowed to invest 300 million euros ($335 million) to help governments manage the refugee flows.

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Bill Ewing

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President Jefferson put a stop to that bit of offal WITH GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY and lopping off a few sheiks’ and mullahs’ heads! The ONLY thing Muslims understand.

It took about 175 years for them to come back at us, which they’ve done so with a vengeance.