Black Lives Matter Supporter Defends Segregation at All-Black Celebration

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Tucker Carlson interviewed Lisa Durden, a Black Lives Matter supporter, and asked her this question: If BLM is opposed to racial segregation and exclusion on the basis of race, why was a BLM Memorial Day event in New York City limited to blacks only? Durden became hysterical in defense of the policy and revealed intense animosity toward white people. This video is included in our news, not because of its newsworthiness, but because it reveals the intense damage that can be inflicted on the mind by years of  exposure to the Marxist narrative of exploiter vs. victim. –GEG




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Pyra Gorgon
Pyra Gorgon
5 years ago

Poor Tucker! How he suffers such hostile critters wearing human meat suits is beyond me. I’d have just cut her microphone until she submitted to acting like an adult and answering questions as they are presented.

1 year ago

If you live in the USSA, get used to the entire rest of your life being overwhelmed with vicious morons like this. Because they just took over (by cheating of course, but that will just make them even more nasty).