Taxpayer Money Used to Stop Deportation of Illegal Aliens in Sacramento, California

10% of the population in the city of Sacramento, California, are illegal aliens, and the city council just voted to allocate $300,000 in taxpayer funds for their legal defense and to stop their deportation. Taxpayers are complaining that there are two standards, with one set of rules for law-abiding Americans and another, far more favorable set of rules, for illegal aliens. –GEG

There’s outrage over a new plan by the city of Sacramento to allocate up to $300,000 to set up a legal defense fund for illegal immigrants and refugees.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg emphasized that the plan, approved by the city council last week, is not intended to help criminals.

“This is not about protecting people who have been accused of or who have committed serious crime,” he said.

The money would help those whose legal status may be challenged by the Trump administration.

Todd Starnes reacted on “Fox & Friends” this morning, explaining that about 10 percent of the capital city’s population are undocumented immigrants.

He noted that a local Republican argued the money could instead be used to help homeless people who are in the country legally.

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I’m comforted by the fact that taxpayer money will not be used to aid criminal illegal undocumented aliens.


How about some facts instead of liberal idiotic gibberish. President Trump ( Your President ) was born here. Please explain your statement. Better yet… I will bet you $1000 President Trump is a legal resident of the United States. Would you like to bet against my assertion regarding the president?