Bill Nye, the Former Science Guy, Is Pushing Sexuality ‘Education’ To Reduce Human Population

Bill Nye, who once hosted a children’s program called The Science Guy, has a new show that is beyond crass in its treatment of human sexuality. It promotes homosexuality and hypersexuality as the norm and advocates the compulsory indoctrination of children to accept this ethic. The admitted goal is to encourage sexual relationships that lead to reduced population. This strategy was originally developed at the bequest of the Rockefeller’s Population Council by Frederick Jaffe, a Vice President of Planned Parenthood. –GEG

Link here to the depopulation document referenced in the video, written by Frederick Jaffe, a Vice President of Planned Parenthood:



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Bill Nihilist the Eugenics Guy!
Bill Nihilist brought to you by the Ministry of Truth!

I feel like you don’t understand the overpopulation of the planet problem…? Do you think it’s smart to keep increasing the population of the planet? I’m totally for freedom of choice but people are reproducing at a rate that is harming the planet. Yes Bill Nye is a tool that is being used by the elite, but, we need to consider what is happening to Earth and how we might fix it while being aware of depopulation schemes. Agenda 21 is a great example of this. ” achieving a more sustainable population” I apologize for my wikipedia link, they… Read more »