France: Green Party Founder Says Europeans Must Have Fewer Children to Make Way for More Muslim Migrants

Syrian migrants in Europe, Wiki
Yves Cochet, who co-founded the Green Party in France in 1984, and is currently an elected member of the European Parliament, said that benefits for native European families should be removed in order to encourage them to have fewer children so more room can be made for Muslim migrants. France’s Muslim population already stands at almost 9% – and climbing. -GEG

According to the co-founder of the French Green Party, benefits for native European families should be removed in order to encourage them to have less children so that more room can be made for Muslim migrants.

Yves Cochet co-founded the French Green Party in 1984 and is currently an elected member of the European Parliament.

During an interview with left-wing French newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur, Cochet brazenly advocated proposals that would lead to the demographic suicide of the native French population.

“I suggest reversing our policy that encourages births, by inverting the logic of benefits payments for families. The more children you have, the fewer benefits you receive to the point of disappearing entirely after the third birth!” he stated.

“When we accept being ‘Neo-Malthusians,’ we are quickly accused of racism and elitism. For that reason therefore, I make it clear that I am not targeting the poorest countries, which produce more children than others,” explained Cochet.

“On the contrary. The rich countries, like France, are the first that need to decrease demographically. They are the ones with the most polluting lifestyles. Most of all, limiting our births would allow us to better receive the Muslim migrants who are knocking at our doors,” he concluded.

The MEP is basically advocating the opposite policy to that of Italian populist leader Matteo Salvini and other eastern European countries, who have increased welfare payments to prospective parents in order to encourage their population to have more children.

France’s Muslim population already stands at almost 9%, with the country continually experiencing riots and civil unrest as a result of a failure to integrate newcomers.

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5 years ago

Stupidity, clear and unambiguous. To me, what is most amazing is that he explains his motive as being based on a desire not to be criticized for being racist and elitist. While my personal preference is not favorable to elitism, it does seem obvious that race is a valid concept. I know it is not fashionable to say that, but fashion has a way of going out of style, and to base one’s desire for the extinction of one’s own genetic group on a desire not to be criticized can easily be argued as being pathological, in other words insane.… Read more »

Mike Travis
Mike Travis
5 years ago

Need to know…Muslims are being used by the NWO globalists as part of their agenda of white genocide in developed countries; plain, simple facts. This means government “leaders”, actually TRAITORS, should be arrested for war crimes then executed. Again plain simple facts and the LAW! Ask Macron as he is in hiding much of the time out of fear for his life which is appropriate for he is a TRAITOR like almost every government leader in the West! Wake up People! Your own governments are planning to murder you! Agenda 2020/30 calls for 95% DEPOPULATION! It is PUBLIC INFORMATION! It… Read more »