Democrat Party Staffer, Seth Rich, May Have Been Murdered Because He Leaked Party Emails to WikiLeaks

US: A retired Washington DC detective, Rod Wheeler, investigated the murder of Seth Rich, a staffer at the Democratic National Committee, and concluded that he may have been killed because he released incriminating DNC emails to Wikileaks.  Rich had been in contact with Wikileaks and he was gunned down just days before the documents were made public.  Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, hinted that Seth Rich was the DNC leaker and offered a $20,000 reward to identify the killer.   Three people, including Seth Rich, Sean Lucas, and John Ashe, who had knowledge of the inner workings of the DNC, have also died under mysterious circumstances. –GEG

A video aired on a local Fox News station on May 15th that featured a former police officer, Rod Wheeler, who was hired to investigate the death on behalf of the Rich family.  He said that the FBI confirmed contact between Rich and WikiLeaks through his laptop computer.  Wheeler believes the the FBI and police are engaged in a cover up, and that a contact on the police force told him that they were told to stand down from performing a complete investigation.  If evidence is provided, the Democrats’ narrative that the Russians hacked the DNC will be completely destroyed.

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Investigator Rod Wheeler said that he was assigned a detective for his inquiries into the case, but the detective never contacted him.  He said that the Rich family told him that the police notified the DNC of his investigation.  The Rich family has condemned Wheeler’s  revelations in the media as “politicizing” Seth’s murder, according to their spokesman, Brad Bauman, who is a “professional Democratic Party crisis public relations consultant”, a real party insider, in other words.

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