Obama Illegally Funded Obamacare & Defied Congress

Litigation in federal court has revealed evidence that the Obama administration illegally diverted profits confiscated from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to pay the Obamacare insurance subsidies that Congress forbade him to fund with a new tax. The US Treasury bailed out the government-sponsored companies for $187 billion during the mortgage crisis in 2008 and Obama put the two mortgage giants into conservatorship. He illegally diverted the profits from Fannie and Freddie, cutting out the private investors, to fund Obamacare. These are private mortgage companies that were supported by the federal government to make mortgages available to Americans at the lowest possible cost, but they were, nonetheless private companies funded by private investors. In this interview, financial analyst, Jerome Corsi, says that the effect of this action was that the government stole billions from mortgage investors and used it to bail out the failing health-care program. Corsi says that Obamacare was rigged to fail so the government would have an excuse to take over the entire health-care industry in the name of helping the people. -GEG

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