The Real Reason The UN Wants Control Over The Internet

January 6, 2020 Technocracy 0

The UN picked up the ICAAN contract and now has the power to throttle the Internet. ICAAN has the ability to assign a directly addressable number to every electronic device on Earth, including air conditioners, computers, automobiles, cameras, phones, refrigerators, articles of clothing, and much more.

GEG Commentary

Did You Know the UN Is Indoctrinating Your Kids?

May 25, 2019 Alex Newman 1

Alex Newman will give a presentation at the Red Pill Expo showing how education is becoming globalized, and the fight for control over what children are taught in school is no longer happening at school-boards or at the state legislative level. The UN is being given complete authority over our educational system.


US Immigration and Border Laws Are Superseded by UN Treaty Law

May 4, 2018 Front Page Mag 2

The UN laws that the US has adopted include prohibiting a Muslim travel ban, giving refugees free legal aid, free education and welfare, allowing refugees to work, and regulations that make deportation very difficult. It is important to note that the Supremacy Clause places Constitutional law above all other laws and regulations, including international treaty law. But in practice, our courts and government have failed us by misinterpreting it. Removing the bad laws is more important than building a wall as cutting benefits would remove the economic bait to settle in the US.