British Man Arrested for A ‘Hate Crime’ Because He Accidentally ‘Misgendered’ Someone

December 13, 2017 We Are Change 1

650 people were arrested in the UK in 2017 for posting something to the Internet that was deemed by the government to be ‘offensive’. Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange visited the UK and asked people on the street for their opinions on free speech and censorship. Luke met Vernon Mussington who recently was arrested for the ‘hate crime’ of misgendering a trans-gender person by calling that person a “Geezer”, which is a common British word for a mature male. Mussington fought the case and, fortunately, was acquitted, but he had to defend himself in court.


Another Mole: ​Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Pushes the Transgender Agenda and Opposes Trump Policies

November 27, 2017 Real News 1

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson advocates admitting gay boys to the Boy Scouts and accepting ​gay men and transgender men as Boy Scout leaders. Rex Tillerson also promotes the climate-​change hoax and the Paris Climate Accord. Why are people from the George W. Bush administration now in the Trump administration? Did Trump make a ‘deal’ with Henry Kissinger (on behalf of Rockefeller) early in the presidential campaign?


Children Are Being Indoctrinated in the Drag Queen Culture

November 14, 2017 InfoWars 0

The Austin International Drag Festival is an example of how children are being indoctrinated into fetish lifestyles. The drag festival was sated with raunchy language and provocative dancing with very young children participating, including a burlesque dance from an 11-year-old transgender boy.