Beijing Residents Lash Out Against COVID Surveillance Wristbands

July 20, 2022 UK Register 3

The Wristband was issued to returning domestic travelers. The device is connected to a phone, checks body temperature every five minutes and has access to phone location, camera, and microphone. Some of the wristbands were reportedly withdrawn after backlash surfaced on Chinese microblogging site Weibo.


Norway to Track All Supermarket and Food Purchases

When there is an increase in the public administration’s ability to classify, predict and control citizens’ behavior using large amounts of digital data, the balance of power between citizen and state is shifted. Many people already hand over their purchase data to supermarkets in the form of loyalty programs.


Ben Swann Analyzes the $100 Billion Contact Tracing Bill, HR 6666

May 14, 2020 Ben Swann 1

The bill funds cell phone tracking that monitors individuals’ movements and the activity of people around them. The army of snitches will come from communities as the $100 billion measure funds grants to churches, clinics, medical centers, and schools to perform testing, tracing, or services for those in isolation.


Governors of 10 States Will Require ‘Contact Tracing’ to Reopen

May 8, 2020 CBS 5

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Massachusetts have agreed to coordinate the reopening of their states. Contact tracing will be part of the plan to reopen. California, Oregon, and Washington also will include contact tracing with the lifting of restrictions.