Trump-Hating FBI Agent Peter Strzok Fired!

August 14, 2018 Fox News 0

Mr. Strzok was the lead investigator on the botched Clinton email case, he changed the language from ‘gross negligence’, a legal term, to ‘extremely careless’ in the charge against Hillary, he knew there were 675,000 Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, but he redirected FBI attention at the Russia collusion allegations against Trump.¬†


Feds Ordered to Give Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn ALL Exculpatory Evidence

February 21, 2018 Fox News 0

Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents. The new judge in his case has taken the extraordinary measure of ordering the feds to turn over all exculpatory evidence that can help him before he is sentenced. This indicates that Judge Sullivan may suspect that Flynn pleaded guilty for some reason other than guilt, such as undue financial burden.


Why Did Trey Gowdy Omit Peter Strzok From List of FBI Officials He Wants to ‚ÄčQuestion?

December 21, 2017 Gateway Pundit 0

Gowdy omitted FBI agent Peter Strzok, Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, and his Fusion GPS-linked wife, Nellie, from the list of people to be grilled about the origin of the accusations of Trump collusion with Russia. This has raised questions about whether Gowdy is inept or if he is yet another political mole merely pretending to drain the swamp‚Äč.


FBI ‚ÄčDeputy Director McCabe ‚ÄčCalled to ‚ÄčTestif‚Äčy Amid Calls for His Removal

December 21, 2017 Fox News 0

Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis says the discredited dirty dossier against Trump could have been used as an “insurance policy” by the deep state to keep Trump from taking office. High-‚Äčlevel officials from the FBI and DOJ have refused to answer when asked‚Äč if the FBI helped to pay for the dirty dossier and whether the dirty dossier was used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. DeSantis says that the only reason to refuse to answer these questions is that the answer is ‘yes’‚Äč.


FBI Agent Who ‚ÄčInvestigated Hillary, Flynn and Trump Has Been Removed from Office, Possibly for Publicly Revealing Pro-Clinton Bias

December 6, 2017 Fox News 0

FBI agent Peter Strzok changed the description of Hillary’s private email server from ‘grossly negligent’ to ‘extremely careless’. He interviewed General Michael Flynn in the White House in January 2017 that led to the charge that Flynn lied to the FBI. Strzok also ‚Äčconducted the interviews with Hillary Clinton’s aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, when they were not charged after lying about Hillary‚Äč’s‚Äč private email server. The Clintons clearly had a friend in the FBI.