Sound of Freedom Hero: ‘Media Running Interference For Pedophiles And Human Traffickers Is Sick’

Tim Ballard, Youtube screenshot
Sound of Freedom is a movie based on a true story about former Homeland Security agent Tim Ballard and his fight against child trafficking and pedophilia. The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, Media Matters, Jezebel, the Guardian, and other leftist media outlets, published articles trying to conflate child abuse with QAnon conspiracy theories to discredit the facts about child trafficking and mass immigration.


The real life former government agent who exposed child trafficking rings, inspiring the wildly popular new film ‘Sound of Freedom’, has hit back at a coordinated media effort to categorise the movie as some sort of conspiracy theorist’s wet dream.

In a Fox News interview, Tim Ballard, played by Jim Caviezel in the movie, responded to bizarre efforts to label it a ‘QAnon’ production.

“I can’t explain, and neither can they,” Ballard urged, adding “Every show I’ve seen, they just like to throw the word out, ‘QAnon.’ They make zero connection to the actual story. It’s very difficult to make that connection when it’s actually based on a true story.”

“Where is the QAnon doctrine being spewed in the film and the script?” Ballard demanded to know, adding “This is just some other agenda.”

“Who would want to get the backs or run interference for pedophiles and human traffickers?” Ballard emphasised, adding “That’s the more important question in all this. Why would you want to lie to push an agenda whose goal is to have children be in captivity? It’s kind of sick.”



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Gail Ross
Gail Ross
11 months ago

It is the leftist way of tip toeing to the conspiracy theorist label to dis credit the contents of the movie and undermining the fact that is is a true story. It has nothing to do with QAnon except they may have reported on it prior to the movie’s release…I see what they are trying to do but truth will prevail. It touches people’s heart and you can’t stop that not to mention the resonance of truth itself.

11 months ago

I wonder who owns the media and runs Hollywood.
Has anyone got any ideas?

11 months ago
Reply to  tomball

the biggest crime gang in history can you say

11 months ago

To Tomball: Maybe this Ronald Bernard has an insight.
” Amazing testimony from financial elite insider” – Ronald Bernard