NFL Announces Polarizing New Policy for the National Anthem

June 5, 2018 Deadline 0

Players who don’t wish to participate in standing at attention the option of staying in the locker room. Those that do not comply will subject their team to fines. The league is polarized as many players support the protests that angered fans last year as advertisers dropped off and ratings fell. The league said it would contribute $100 million to social activist causes, hoping that bribe would end the division.


Decline in ​NFL Popularity ​Expected to Cost TV Networks $500​-Million this Season

November 28, 2017 Daily Wire 0

P​rotests against the National Anthem by NFL players have contributed to the organization’s loss of one-million viewers compared to 2016. According to OKTC’s Clay Travis, the four networks that carry the NFL (CBS, ESPN, Fox,​ and NBC)​ are on pace to lose $500 million this season compared to last year due to the ratings slide. The top reason for the loss is “cord-cutting” which is cancelling subscriptions to multi-channel television services on cable.