Germany: 89-Year Old ‘Nazi Grandma’ Arrested after Failing to Show Up to Start 2-year Prison Sentence

May 8, 2018 CBS 3

Her crime appears to be only that, after ten years of asking authorities for proof that there actually were six-million executions in the Nazi prison camps, and never receiving any response to her request, she concluded that the Holocaust story was a politically motivated myth. For holding this opinion, she has been imprisoned. What do you think? In a free society, even if Haverbeck were a believer in the Nazi collectivist ideology or, for that matter, in the Communist collectivist ideology, should that be the basis for punishment by the state?

GEG Commentary

Canadian Woman Arrested in Germany for Questioning Holocaust in Video

January 8, 2018 CBC 17

Monika Schaefer, a woman from Alberta, Canada, was arrested in Germany, a country that forbids questioning the Holocaust, and is facing a 5-year prison term. The Jewish group, B’nai Brith, filed complaints with German officials against Schaefer because she committed “anti-Semitic incitement.” This was because Schaefer had made a video in 2016 entitled ‘Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong about the Holocaust.” In the video (click on link), she says she regrets reproaching her German mother for not doing something to stop the death camps.