Bronx, New York: Trinitarios Dominican Gang Members Arrested for Machete Murder of 15-Year Old

June 26, 2018 DailyMail 1

Eight young men, suspected gang members, are facing charges in the stabbing and hacking death of a 15-year old boy who was the victim of mistaken identity. The gang members allegedly killed the 15-year old boy over a sex video with a 15-year old girl who is affiliated with the gang, but the wrong boy was killed. None of the suspects speaks English and it is unknown whether they are US citizens.


AG Sessions: Domestic Violence and Gang Violence No Longer Qualify as Reason for Asylum

June 12, 2018 Gateway Pundit 0

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions told immigration judges that domestic violence and gang violence will no longer qualify as reasons to grant asylum to immigrants. He stated that asylum was never meant to alleviate all serious problems that people have every day all over the world. This order closes a loophole that was used by the recent caravan of immigrants from Central America who demanded asylum based on gang violence.