Ex-Leader of Catalonia Could Face 25 Years in Prison If Deported to Spain

April 3, 2018 EuroNews 1

Carles Puigdemont, the former President of Catalonia, fled from Spain five months ago after the failure of a referendum vote to break away from Spain. He was captured in Germany and now is detained there awaiting charges by Spain of rebellion and sedition. If he is extradited back to Spain, those charges could carry a sentence of 25 years. He fears physical harm if he is sent to a Spanish prison.


Spain: Antifa Activist Beat Man to Death for Wearing Suspenders the Same Colors as Spanish Flag

December 18, 2017 El Pais 0

Spain: Rodrigo Lanza, an Antifa activist from Chile, beat a man to death with a metal rod for wearing suspenders that were the color of the Spanish flag. Lanza is part of the Barcelona squatter movement, a leftist crime ​organization. He previously ​served five years in prison for attacking a policeman who was trying to evict him and other squatters from a building. T​he attack left the police officer as a quadriplegic.


Will Spain Remove Catalonia’s Government by Force?

October 24, 2017 Fox News 0

Less than half of the eligible voters participated, which means independence is not as urgent an issue as the 90% vote would indicate. The EU Commission, George Soros and the Green Party are behind the drive for independence.