Arizona: The Border Wall Has Been Removed along Drug Route

September 14, 2021 Gateway Pundit 3

Large sections of existing border wall have been cut out and have been left wide open and unsupervised and smugglers may cross at will. It is a free-for-all for the cartels. Federally contracted workers are breaking up the materials from the border fence to be sold for scrap.


Trump Says That Military Will Guard US Border

April 4, 2018 Fox News 0

President Trump blamed Obama’s weak immigration laws at the border, known as “catch and release,” which, instead of deporting illegal aliens, allowed them to be released into the US while they await a court hearing. Trump says that the border will be guarded by the US military until the wall is built. He threatened Mexico with pulling out of NAFTA [which he should do anyway], and Mexico says it will support him. Tucker Carlson says this promise cannot be trusted.


Israel: PM Netanyahu Not Interested in Cultural Diversity, Says African Migrants Worse than Jihadists

March 26, 2018 Daily Caller 0

PM Netanyahu said that the electrified fence along its border with Egypt is necessary to ward off African migrants who are a greater threat than Islamic terrorists. Why? His answer is that they threaten the Jewish state’s national character. [Control over immigration is a right of national sovereignty just as much as we have the personal right to keep strangers out of our homes. Europe and America would do well to pay closer attention to this concept.]