Moroccan Muslims Rioted in Brussels, Stores Looted, ​Police Did Nothing

November 20, 2017 Gateway Pundit 1

Hundreds of Moroccan Muslims flooded the streets of Brussels, breaking windows, looting, and starting fires. The press says this was in response to the news that Morocco had qualified for the World Cup in soccer. [The media would have us believe that, if Morocco had failed to to qualify, the rioters would have been peaceful. Absurd! These people came to riot, and it had nothing to do with soccer.] Local police stood by watching and did not make any arrests.


The ‘Knockout Game’ Never Went Away and People Are Dying

November 20, 2017 Colin Flaherty 2

The ‘knockout game’ has never gone away, although the media downplay it. Most of these attacks are driven by racial hostility directed by blacks against whites. [It is uncomfortable for us to carry this story because of the possibility of being falsely accused of being racist. Yet, these things really are happening and to ignore them to be politically correct is not honest journalism. We welcome reader opinion on this.]


California Man Out ​of Prison ​on Bail Kills Four in Shooting Rampage

November 16, 2017 DailyMail 1

The gunman was a felon and, therefore, was forbidden by existing gun control laws from purchasing or owning firearms. Neal was being prosecuted for assault with a deadly weapon and stabbing against two of his neighbors, but was out on bail. He shot one of his prior victims to death before firing at random targets and then driving to a school.