Sweden to Prosecute Woman for Reporting on Facebook that Migrants Torched Cars and Defecated in the Streets

Sweden is prosecuting a 70-year-old woman reported on Facebook that migrants were burning cars and defecating in the streets, and she faces 4 years in jail. The government claims that this was a disparaging view of migrants and, therefore, it violated Sweden’s law on incitement to racial hatred. The woman does not deny writing the post but challenges the law by denying that telling the truth is a criminal act.


Texas Passes Anti-Sanctuary Bill, Criminalizes Behavior of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs Who Do Not Comply

Texas passed a law that forbids agencies of the state from acting as illegal-alien sanctuaries. The statute criminalizes behavior by police chiefs and sheriffs who refuse to comply with federal immigration enforcement. It also establishes civil fines of up to $25,000 daily for towns, cities, and counties that violate the anti-sanctuary law.


Taxpayer Money Used to Stop Deportation of Illegal Aliens in Sacramento, California

10% of the population in the city of Sacramento, California, are illegal aliens, and the city council just voted to allocate $300,000 in taxpayer funds for their legal defense and to stop their deportation. Taxpayers are complaining that there are two standards, with one set of rules for law-abiding Americans and another, far more favorable set of rules, for illegal aliens.


Wealthy French Shoppers Caught on Camera Contradicting Their Politically-Correct Statements about Immigration.

May 5, 2017 French TV/ Youtube 0

France: A television talk show sent a crew to a wealthy shopping district to ask the high-end shoppers if they support mass immigration to their country. They said yes and agreed that migrants deserve to live in their country. When sked if they would allow a migrant stay in their homes, they agreed to that also. However, when the interviewer presented an ‘migrant’ who needed a place to stay, all of them backed down. The wealthy have not had to deal directly with migrants in France.