Iran Protests Grow, 2 People Dead, Iran Blames ISIS/Al-Nusra Foreigners

January 1, 2018 RT 0

At least two protesters are dead as a result of the wave of civil disobedience that has gripped Iran since last Thursday against soaring food prices and unemployment. The state television station reported that neither police nor military have fired any shots, yet two men are dead. They blame ‘Takfiri’ foreigners, referring to Sunni fundamentalists such as ISIS and the Al Nusra Front, insinuating these were false-flag killings.


US, Israel & Saudi Arabia Preparing for World War III Starting with Iran

December 29, 2017 Jake Morphonios 2

Analyst Jake Morphonios predicts that Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was a move toward a Third World War that will be fought against Iran, backed by Russia, which then will expand to the Pacific against China and North Korea. He predicts, step-by-step, how the war will escalate and how false-flag attacks will be used as justification, based on historical examples. Although Morphonios is critical of the Zionist state of Israel in this scheme, hear him out and you will see (at 34:05) that this has nothing to do with Jews as such and everything to do with war-mongers. The comparison of Trump to Nixon suggests that presidents are not in control of US foreign policy but just go along with what they inherit.


South Africa to Expropriate Land from Whites and Nationalize Its Reserve Bank

December 21, 2017 Reuters 1

South Africa: The African National Congress, which is the ruling Communist Party of South Africa, announced its intention to expropriate land from white settlers without compensation. It also declared that the nation’s ​privately-held Reserve Bank must be wholly owned by the state. ​These announcements sent the rand, also known as the ZAR, plummeting on the currency exchange.


Leftists Threaten to ‘Take the Streets’ If Mueller Is Fired from His Investigation into Trump

December 18, 2017 Intellihub 1

Former President Obama’s White House ethics lawyer, Walter Schaub, has ​warned of “taking to the streets” in case Robert Mueller is fired from the special investigation. He and other Democrats believe Trump may fire Mueller over the holidays., a leftist organization funded by George Soros, ​responded on its web site by ​posting plans to roll out nationwide ‘rapid response’ rallies that will begin hours after news breaks of a Mueller firing. Trump’s White House ​lawyer says flatly that Mueller will not be fired.


FCC Repeals Net Neutrality, Chairman Ajit Pai ​Becomes Target of Death Threats

December 15, 2017 InfoWars 0

The Federal Communications Commission voted to eliminate net neutrality rules. Chairman Pai believes that content providers should not be allowed to censor users and should ​follow the same rules applied to Internet Service Providers, ​such as Verizon and AT&T. Because of this position, Chairman Pai has become the target of numerous death threats. There were also protests at his house, and his children were identified on posters advising them their father is evil and that he ​murdered democracy.


Man ​Receives 15-Year Prison Term for Leaving Bacon at Mosque and Breaking Windows

December 11, 2017 UK Independent 0

Titusville, Florida: Michael Wolfe, 37, smashed windows and lights with a machete before leaving bacon by the front door of the Islamic Society of Central Florida Masjid Al-Munin Mosque in January 2016. The vandalism was recorded on CCTV. He plead guilty to vandalizing the mosque itself with ‘​hate​’ motives, making it a felony​. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.


Trump Returns 2 Million Acres of Land Under Federal Control to Utah

December 5, 2017 Daily Caller 0

Trump cut the size of ​national monuments in​ Utah, removing federal restrictions against development of two million acres of land. Supporters chanted “four more years!”, while demonstrators complained that it was a sell-out to industrial interests who want to destroy the land for profit. [In truth, industrial interests have been destroying the land for profit with the approval of federal agencies for many years. The notion that the federal government is a brake against exploitation of resources is absurd.]​


The ​Ugly ​Truth About Net Neutrality: Google and Facebook Will Be Exempt from Regulations

November 27, 2017 InfoWars 1

‘Net neutrality’ is a scam that targets signal carriers, like Verizon and AT&T for strict regulations while content carriers, like Facebook, Google and Youtube, are exempt. They scare the public into thinking that ‘net neutrality’ will protect them from being gouged by high priced, multi-tier bandwidth packages. George Soros and the Ford Foundation spent an estimated $72 million since 2006 to control the Internet. ‘Net neutrality’ is used to gain support from those who do not understand the deeper issues of fair cost and censorship.


Texas Law Requires Businesses It Trades With to Swear Allegiance to Israel

November 21, 2017 ZeroHedge 1

Texas: HB 89 is a law that prohibits state agencies from contracting and investing with any company that boycotts Israeli products. Private businesses wanting to provide goods or services to Texas now must sign a statement swearing to place the economic benefit of a foreign nation above American citizens’ freedom-of-choice.


Wakeup Call: ​ Why Leftists Always Win

November 21, 2017 Stefan Molyneux 4

Stefan Molyneux will shock your sensibilities at several levels with this analysis of why the collectivist left always wins. (This applies to all types of collectivists – Nazis, Fascists, etc,) There is some gutter language here, but that is overshadowed by Molyneaux’s hammer blows against dignified and non-controversial opposition to the relentless, violent, and murderous collectivist left. Hear him out and judge for yourself.