US Senators ‘Dumped Stocks’ After Private Meeting on Coronavirus Impact

Senators Richard Burr and Kelly loeffler, Wiki
North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, sold off up to $1.5-million of his own stocks in February, shortly before hosting a private meeting with wealthy constituents where he detailed to them the potential impacts of the pandemic. Republican Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler sold up to $3.1-million in stocks she jointly held with her husband, Jeff Sprecher, Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, just before the stock market went into freefall. On the other side of the aisle, Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, sold off up to $6-million in stocks.

Two GOP Senators were allegedly caught selling off millions worth of stocks after taking part in a “closed-door Senate-only meeting forecasting the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Lachlan Markay


As Senate Intel Chair Richard Burr was privately warning about the dangers of coronavirus, he was offloading between $500k and $1.5M in stocks that plummeted in value weeks later 

Senate Intel chair unloaded stocks in mid-February before coronavirus rocked markets

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr unloaded stocks in major companies, including hotel chains, in February before the coronavirus pandemic.

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