UK: Police Record 120,000 ‘Non-Crime’ Hate Incidents in Background Check Database that May Stop the Accused from Getting Jobs

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UK: Hate Crime Operational Guidelines for police require they file a record of a ‘hate incident’ which is any action perceived to be motivated by hostility towards religion, race or transgender identity, even if there is no evidence of hate. Despite police admitting that such incidents are not crimes, the incidents are still logged on a system and can show up during a background check when applying for work, and could prevent the accused from getting jobs; nearly 120,000 ‘hate incidents’ have been recorded. The blacklisting policy is reminiscent of China’s social credit system.

Police have recorded nearly 120,000 “non-crime” hate incidents and may have stopped those accused from getting jobs, the Telegraph can disclose.

A High Court judge ruled on Friday the Hate Crime Operational Guidelines, which informs police work nationally, had been unlawfully used to interfere with a man’s freedom of speech.

The guidelines, rolled out six years ago by the College of Policing, state that any action perceived to be motivated by hostility towards religion, race or transgender identity must be recorded “irrespective of whether there is any evidence to identify the hate element”.

Despite police accepting that such incidents are not crimes, they are still logged on a system and can even show up during a DBS check when applying for work….

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