Locust Swarm may Cause Food Crisis in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Somalia

Billions of locusts are impacting East African countries including Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization says insects are breeding so fast that their numbers could grow 400 times by June. Efforts to control the infestation so far have failed. The UN is calling on the international community to provide $76-million to fund insecticide spraying of the affected areas. The UN also is warning of an ensuing plague that could last several years and would further stimulate migration. -GEG

The East African region could be on the verge of a food crisis if huge swarms of locusts devouring crops and pasture are not brought under control, a top UN official has told the BBC.

A massive food assistance may be required, Dominique Burgeon, director of emergencies for the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), said.

Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are affected.

Efforts to control the infestation have so far not been effective.

Aerial spraying of pesticides is the most effective way of fighting the swarms but countries in the region do not have the right resources.

There are fears that the locusts – already in the hundreds of billions – will multiply further.

The FAO says the insects are breeding so fast that numbers could grow 500 times by June.

The UN body has now called on the international community to provide nearly $76m (£58m) to fund the spraying of the affected areas with insecticide.

“If it doesn’t, the situation will deteriorate and then you will need to provide massive food assistance for a humanitarian situation that may even get out of control,” Mr Burgeon said.

“There is always a risk when you have people in acute food insecurity that famine is not very far,” he added.

An FAO spokesperson later clarified that they were not warning about a famine but rather “food insecurity”.

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MJ Raichyk
MJ Raichyk
8 months ago

well haven’t tried these BUT google found a source that says [quote]Locusts are large insects and convenient for use in research and the study of zoology in the classroom. They are also edible insects; they have been eaten throughout history and are considered a delicacy in many countries.  
  BUT THE SOLUTION FOISTED ON US IS THE **poison every moving life form** which will eventually poison those it supposedly ‘SAVED’…  WELL… clearly sending them NETS AND LARGE POTS would only benefit the ordinary starving african, whereas the MASSIVE APPLYING OF PESTICIDE WILL MASSIVELY BENEFIT A TOTALLY DIFFERENT CLASS — GREEDY ‘PEST’-KILLERS…