Fort Worth, Texas: A Gunman Killed Two Worshipers at the West Freeway Church of Christ Before Being Stopped By Armed Church Members

The West Freeway Church of Christ, Youtube
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The West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, a suburb of Fort Worth, was livestreaming their service to YouTube when the shooting, which took the lives of two parishioners. The unidentified killer, wearing a large coat and black hat, entered the church from the rear and sat alone in a pew, then opened fire, and was himself shot by an armed congregant. Two parishioners, including a former FBI agent working security, fired on the gunman and killed him. A representative from the FBI did not identify the shooter, but said he was “relatively transient with roots to this area” and had been arrested multiple times in different municipalities.”

Update: The shooter has been identified as Keith Kinnunen, 43, who was a convicted felon, making it illegal for him to own a firearm in Texas, but he ignored the law when he attacked the churchgoers. He had a criminal record that included charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in 2009, possession of an illegal weapon in 2016 and there was a warrant for his arrest in Oklahoma for aggravated assault in 2016.

Graphic video of shooting maybe viewed on NY Post article.

A black-clad man with a rifle stashed under his coat gunned down two people in a Texas church Sunday before being slain by parishioners in a caught-on-tape shootout.

The bloodshed erupted in the middle of service at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, a suburb of Fort Worth, around 10:50 a.m., authorities said.

Stunning footage of the service — which was being livestreamed by the Christian church on YouTube — shows the killer in a large coat, black hat and apparently long bushy black beard enter the church from the rear and shake the hand of a woman before sitting alone in a pew along the left side.

He soon gets up and approaches a man standing by the wall.

As the unsuspecting congregation, including many older couples, concentrate on their missal books, the gunman appears to ask the man a question.

The man responds by pointing to his right, where another guy is sitting along the wall.

The man who was sitting gets up and appears to be pulling something out from the back of his waistband when the killer opens fire, shooting him and causing him to fall to the ground.

The killer then shoots the guy who he’d asked the question of, before being gunned down by two parishioners — including a former FBI agent working security, according to officials and CBS TV affiliate KVTV.

Meanwhile, several other male worshippers whip out their own firearms and move toward the shooter as he remains down. The state recently passed a law allowing licensed gun-holders to carry weapons in church.

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2 years ago

Unfortunately we still don’t know if this was something personal between those individuals or just a random act of insanity.