Farmers Who Blamed German Government for Floods and Drought Lost Their Bid to Sue the German State Over Alleged Climate Change Failures

EuroNews, Youtube
A Berlin court threw out a lawsuit filed by three families with organic farms who blamed the German government for changing weather patterns, floods and drought, and sued the German state for its alleged failure to meet climate change targets. The Berlin Administrative Court ruled that the 2020 targets to reduce emissions by 40% were not legally binding. Greenpeace, supporters of the farmers, claimed that Germany has a special responsibility as a rich, industrialized nation and should be held accountable for historic emissions that it has already put into the atmosphere.


A lawsuit filed against the German government for its alleged failure to meet climate change targets has been dismissed, say authorities.

Three families of organic farmers say they have been hit by changing weather patterns and blame the German state.


But the case was thrown out as inadmissible by the Berlin Administrative Court, who said the 2020 targets were not legally binding.

It comes after German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a €50 billion environment package, but critics have argued this is too little, too late.

Lisa Göldner is a climate change expert with Greenpeace and she spoke to Euronews before the decision was made.

“Since 2007 the German government has repeatedly said that they want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by the year 2020, and that is a lot of measures the government could take to reduce those emissions, the most obvious one is to shut down the coal power plants as they are still one of the biggest greenhouse emitters in Germany,” she said.

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Farmers Who Blamed German Government for Floods and Drought Lost Their Bid to Sue the German State Over Alleged Climate Change Failures | WeAreChangeTV.US

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