Swedish Behavioral Scientist Proposes Cannibalism to Fight Climate Change in His Speech, “Can you Imagine Eating Human Flesh?”

Magnus Söderlund, Marketing professor, Youtube
Stockholm: At the Gastro Summit for food of the future this week, a Swedish professor held a powerpoint presentation asserting that climate change is so dire that we must “awaken the idea” of eating human corpses in the future, as a way of combating scarcity due to global warming. He also advocated for eating pets and insects. He hinted that people can be “tricked” into “making the right decisions.” He described the taboo against cannibalism as being “conservative.”

Climate Change alarmism has taken a macabre turn that will seem to be satire, but is not. It happened in Sweden.

At a summit for food of the future (the climate-ravaged future) called Gastro Summit, in Stockholm Sept 3-4, a professor held a powerpoint presentation asserting that we must “awaken the idea” of eating human flesh in the future, as a way of combatting the effects of climate change.

In a talk titled “Can you Imagine Eating Human Flesh?”  behavioral scientist and marketing strategist Magnus Söderlund from “Handelshögskolan” (College of Commerce) argues for the breaking down of the ancient taboos against desecrating the human corpse and eating human flesh.

He refers to the taboos against it as “conservative,” and discusses people’s resistance to it as a problem that could be overcome, little by little, beginning with persuading people to just taste it. He can be seen in his video presentation and on State Swedish Television channel TV4 saying that since food sources will be scarce in the future, people must be introduced to eating things they have thus far considered disgusting–among them, human flesh.

Easier sells he suggests include: pets and insects. But human flesh was the central topic. In Swedish articles describing this new debate, the term “mannisko-kötts branschen” is introduced. This means “the human flesh industry.”


In his bio at the Stockholm School of Economics, Söderlund  states that his research focus includes:  “consumer behavior,” ” marketing stimuli,” “loyalty, emotions, justice perceptions,”  “psychological reactions,” …”in a society increasingly obsessed with consumption.”

People can be “tricked” Soderlund teases, into “making the right decisions.”

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Catherine OConnor
Catherine OConnor
1 year ago

Please go Vegan! What I’d wrong with a plant based option? We don’t need to eat flesh! Aren’t we monstrous enough already?!!!

1 year ago

FAO released a report entitled, “Edible Insects: Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security” wherein they suggest that eating insects would feed the hungry populations across the globe.

The report asserts: “Insects are healthy, nutritious alternatives to mainstream staples such as chicken, pork, beef and even fish.”

Eating insects are environmentally-friendly because agricultural land is not necessary. Less greenhouse gases would be emitted and the flatulence cows produce would not contribute to the deteriorating atmosphere.

In other countries, the UN explains that “beetles, wasps and caterpillars are also an unexplored nutrition source that can help address global food insecurity.” http://www.fao.org/3/i3253e/i3253e00.htm

Swedish Behavioral Scientist Proposes Cannibalism to Fight Climate Change in His Speech, “Can you Imagine Eating Human Flesh?” | WeAreChangeTV.US
1 year ago

[…] 6, 2019 The Epoch Times No Comments This post was originally published on this […]