Stefan Molyneux Examines the Effects of Mass Migration in California and Confronts the Los Angeles City Council on the Cost of Offering Sanctuary

California, Pixabay
Stefan Molyneux traveled to California and reported that, while the state has the highest poverty rate in the country – estimated at 20% – plus massive debt and high taxes, it is spending 17% of its entire budget on illegal immigrants. A clip from a Los Angeles City Council shows a meeting where the Council voted unanimously to make LA a sanctuary. When Stefan spoke and explained that mass immigration is costly and asked the Council how they planned to pay for it, he was shut down. [Molyneux does a superb job exposing the insanity of Democracy in which everyone suffers under the illusion of unlimited resources where they see no reason to reject any proposal, no matter how expensive, so long as it is said to help someone. This is definitely worth watching.] -GEG

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Stefan Molyneux Examines the Effects of Mass Migration in California and Confronts the Los Angeles City Council on the Cost of Offering Sanctuary | WeAreChangeTV.US
1 year ago

[…] 1, 2019 Stefan Molyneux No Comments This post was originally published on this […]

1 year ago

Mr. Cedillo is ignorant, or merely political. I do know that he is supporting criminals and criminal activity. We DO HAVE an immigration policy, as do all other nations, and ALL who serve within our governments are REQUIRED in writing by the SUPREME LAW of our land, the US Constitution, to support and defend it. His actions break our laws, and those who INVADE our nation instead of entering it in a lawful fashion, are criminals. PERIOD. They are NOT immigrants, they are invaders.

1 year ago

The LA council figures that once the money runs out and there is no more coming from the Feds, the people will just migrate to another state that has some money to continue the freebies that they have become accustomed to….This is in my opinion the reason that the Sanctuary City of LA will not address how they will pay for Immigration….They will just be a tunnel for the illegals to travel through to get here and stay here in one state or another.