Political Violence Is Destroying Our Country. Former Antifa Member Reveals How Young People Are Drawn to the Domestic Terror Group

Gabriel Nadales, Youtube
None of the Democrat presidential candidates or any of the four progressive Congresswomen who were criticized by Trump have condemned the recent firebomb attack on ICE by Antifa member, Willem Van Spronsen. CNN has been praising Antifa for several years and even made a documentary that promotes the organization. Gabriel Nadales joined Antifa ten years ago when he was 16. He says it has become increasingly more violent and that college professors are teaching Antifa’s philosophy in the classroom. -GEG

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The ‘Mayor of Skid Row’ Says Los Angeles Has a Homeless Problem Because Politicians Get Money from Keeping It, Not Solving It.

August 15, 2019 Stefan Molyneux 1

Jeff calls the politicians, developers, and non-profit agencies that flourish in this racket “poverty pimps,” because homeless people are a commodity – something you use to make money. He says the LA Police Department is also in on the scam. They have a $2-billion budget that would go away if the crime rate dropped.


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