NY Mayor Declares Health Emergency over Measles. Vaccine Now Mandatory or $1000 Fine

New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio declared a public health emergency to address the measles “crisis” in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg community, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. The declaration requires all unvaccinated people, including children over 6 months old, who may have been exposed to the virus to get the triple mumps, measles and rubella MMR vaccine, or face a fine of $1000. The New York City Health Department has also issued an order to yeshivas to prohibit unvaccinated students from attending classes or face a fine or even closure of the school.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered residents of a Brooklyn neighborhood to undergo mandatory vaccinations or pay a fine.

Declaring a public health emergency Tuesday, the mayor insisted the order was necessary to address the measles “crisis” in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg community, a neighborhood of more than 250 ultra-Orthodox Jewish residents.

“The declaration requires all unvaccinated people who may have been exposed to the virus to get the vaccine, including children over 6 months old,” reports the Associated Press.

The order affects people residing, going to school or working within four ZIP codes: 11205, 11206, 11221 and 11237.

De Blasio said anyone in these areas must receive the measles vaccine or get fined up to $1,000.

“We have a very dangerous situation on our hands,” de Blasio stated. “We cannot allow this dangerous disease to make a comeback here in New York City. We have to stop it now.”

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If I pay the $1000 fine for not getting vaccinated, will I still be able to NOT be vaccinated?

NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio Declares Health Emergency over Measles. Vaccine Now Mandatory or $1000 Fine | WeAreChangeTV.US

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The unvaccinated person would be the one to suffer and if they get the disease it is their problem. The government wants control over the people -we are in the age of communism in the US. California leads the way in communist control over the people living here. I fail to understand why the people don’t get rid of these political fools here.