How ‘Justice Democrats’ Plan to Infiltrate Republican Party to Control Congress

Zack Exley, Youtube
YouTube personality, Mr. Reagan, uncovered how the ‘Justice Democrats’ group plans to take over Congress with collectivists and become “benevolent dictators.” Zack Exley, a former Bernie Sanders campaign strategist, appears to be the leader of this group. He co-wrote a book, Rules for Revolutionaries, in which he says: “Fighting racism must be at the core of the message to everyone.” His group devised a method to replace Republican incumbents with collectivists during midterm elections when only 5% of voters go to the polls. This will enable them to be elected under the pretense of being conservative Republicans in the subsequent general elections. The goals and strategies of the Justice Democrats and Real Justice are similar to George Soros’ missions. -GEG

Summary by JW WIlliams

Mr. Reagan says the justice Democrats are neo-Marxists who claim to believe that all white people are racist, all men are misogynistic, and all Christians are homophobic.

Originally, the Justice Democrats planned to infiltrate the Republican party and register their leftist candidates as members of the GOP in midterm primary elections and be elected as conservative Republicans in the general election. This bait-and-switch strategy is expected to go operational in 2020. Reagan says the eventual plan is to replace all government offices, on every level, with collectivists.

Becky Bond, Zack Exley’s co-author, formed an organization called ‘Real Justice’ that aims to replace local District Attorneys with Marxists who seek to upend the American justice system. Shaun King is the face of Real Justice. He is a black supremacist who inspires hate against whites. King claims to be a black man, but a family member says he is white.

There are over 2,400 district attorneys nationwide, and most run during midterm elections. George Soros is reported to have spent over $11 million on getting radical justice-reform candidates in DA races since 2015, which uses the same strategy and has the same goals as Real Justice. Shaun King previously was affiliated with Black Lives Matter, which also was funded by Soros.


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Robert H. Burt
Robert H. Burt

If they do not follow the law they cannot be benevolent.

Tom Ball
Tom Ball

Just like a televangelist , this guys opening is a pitch for money.
Sure, they will tell you anything you want to hear.
But as much as I admire you and commend all that you have done , Mr Griffin, I will not flatter you by ignoring to warn you once again. If you allow these crypto Jews to enter into the “inner sanctum”, once they have ingratiated themselves beyond removal, you will awaken to discover that your temple of truth , like all the rest they have insinuated themselves into, has become defiled.

Tom Ball
Tom Ball

I imagine Hitler had something like that in mind. I’m not passing judgement. I’m not in a position to.

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