Hat Crime Or Hate Crime? Leftists Flip Their Lids and Assault People Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Trump Hats

A recent assault on Trump supporters took place in Kentucky when James Phillips, 57, allegedly pulled a gun on Terry Pierce and his wife in Sam’s Club because they were wearing MAGA hats. Phillips has two weapon charges in Tennessee, including unlawful possession in 2009, and a felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in 2013 that was resolved as a misdemeanor. Police say Phillips has a current concealed carry permit in Tennessee.

In a separate incident, Rosaine Santos, a 41-year-old immigrant from Brazil, living in Falmouth, Massachusetts, was charged with disorderly conduct, assault and battery after she tried to grab a man’s MAGA hat off his head and took another swipe at him as police escorted her out of a Mexican restaurant. According to police, Santos was upset that a 23-year old white male, Bryton Turner, had the audacity to wear the iconic red hat at the Mexican eatery because Trump supports a wall on the US southern border with Mexico. She later said that she may have had too much to drink, but that she is the real victim because she has been the target of discrimination many times in the past.

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