Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Defeated by Record-breaking Margin in Parliament

Theresa May, Youtube
The Prime Minister’s Brexit deal was crushed by a historic margin of 202 in favor to 432 against. This is the worst-ever defeat in the House of Parliament. Theresa May barely survived a no-confidence vote in parliament on the next day. President of the European Council Donald Tusk reacted with a thinly veiled opinion that the time has come for the EU simply to overturn the Brexit referendum. -GEG

Members of Parliament have thrown out Theresa May’s contentious Withdrawal Agreement with the European Union in the long-awaited “meaningful vote” on the deal.

The Prime Minister’s Brexit deal was crushed by a historic margin of 202 in favour to 432 against, paving the way for a vote of no-confidence in the Government by the Opposition, which Mrs May told MPs she would make time for on Wednesday, January 16th.

The first vote of the night was cast on an amendment to the Withdrawal Agreement by John Baron MP, which proposed inserting a right for Britain to leave the deal’s controversial “backstop” without needing to seek the EU’s permission — but this was also crushed, by 600 votes to 24.


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