Philadelphia: Soros-Backed District-Attorney Soft-On-Crime Agenda Bears Ugly Fruit

Last year, Larry Krasner – with the backing of George Soros – became the district attorney of Philadelphia. He cut back law enforcement, prosecutors stopped prosecuting crimes, cash bail was dropped, dozens of prosecutors were laid off, and prison sentences were shortened. As a result, the murder rate in Philadelphia has risen significantly, and 4,000 felons have been released on the streets in the past year. This is the fruit from the tree planted by George Soros. -GEG

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The way to put an end to this insane illegal migration, the insane changes to our Judicial system and to stop the evil persecution of Police Officers is to incarcerate George Soros. He has repeatedly undermined the welfare of this nation both home and abroad and nobody takes him on???? He is a menace to society and to all that is good! Take away all his assets to make reparation for the damage that he has caused many and the deaths of so many young people taking the poisonous drugs that he is sponsoring to make it into this country….Georgie… Read more »