Trump’s Labor Chief Alexander Acosta Loses Chance at AG Appointment over Weak Prosecution of Sex Abuser Jeffrey Epstein

Alexander Acosta, Secretary of Labor, Wiki
Jeffrey Epstein was accused by more than 40 victims of being coerced into a sex ring when they were underage girls, and he faced life in prison for his crimes, but he only served 13 months in jail in 2008. The federal prosecutor who made the ‘sweetheart’ deal for his release was Alexander Acosta. President Trump, who has known Epstein for many years, appointed Acosta as the US Secretary of Labor, which oversees human trafficking. -GEG

Summary by JW Williams
Last week, Alexander Acosta, the Trump-appointed Secretary of Labor, was knocked out of the running for the job as US Attorney General following a report in the Miami Herald about how Acosta, a former US attorney, gave billionaire Jeffrey Epstein an extraordinary plea deal in 2007 for sex crimes against numerous underage girls. Despite ample evidence from victims, Epstein served only 13 months in jail when he was facing charges that could have put him away for life. Acosta said he cut the sweetheart deal because he was under pressure by Epstein’s superstar lawyers.
Epstein’s case highlights the two-tier justice system for the wealthy and politically connected in contrast to justice served to average Americans.
The case is unusual, because Acosta granted immunity to “any potential co-conspirators’ under his non-prosecution agreement which extends to influential people who had sex with the underage girls. High profile people who have been linked to Epstein but not proven to have committed crimes, include Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, attorney Alan Dershowitz, actor Kevin Spacey, former national security adviser, Sandy Berger, former Colombian President, Andrés Pastrana, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, and many others.
Acosta’s deal was kept secret from the victims, which is against federal law. The deal was under a court seal until Epstein finished his jail sentence, thus, preventing victims from attempting to stop the deal.
On Tuesday, sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, struck a last-minute deal to avoid a civil trial that would have allowed some of his victims to testify against him in court. The deal included a confidential financial settlement and an apology from Epstein to victims’ attorney Bradley Edwards, who had accused Epstein of trying to ruin his reputation as retaliation for having represented his accusers. Epstein’s statement reads, “I am now admitting that I was wrong and that the things I said to try to harm Mr. Edwards’s reputation as a trial lawyer were false. I sincerely apologize for the false and hurtful allegations I made.” The apology offered no words of remorse for Epstein’s alleged victims, several of whom had been expected to testify in the trial.





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So what are we expected to think, these scumbags get a break? I’d put them in a plexiglass box on an open trailer hooked to a pick-up truck and drive them through every town square in America. Give everyone an opportunity to have a look.

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Make sure they’re naked in that box. They deserve maximum exposure.