Florida: Governor’s Office and US Senate Seat in Jeopardy as Votes Are Counted.  Senator Rubio Warns Democrats Are Trying to Change Election Results.

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Florida: Broward County & Palm Beach County are still counting votes, despite Florida law requiring counties report early voting and vote-by-mail within 30 minutes after polls close, but they have delayed the process by more than 40 hours. The governor’s race, with Republican Ron DeSantis in the lead over Andrew Gillum, is contested as the two candidates are separated by 0.47%, which mandates a machine recount.  Similarly, the US Senate race has a 0.22% difference, with Republican Rick Scott leading, which will also to result in a recount.  It is unknown how many ballots are left to count.  Senator Marco Rubio warned, “Now democrat lawyers are descending on #Florida. They have been very clear they aren’t here to make sure every vote is counted. – They are here to change the results of election; & – #Broward is where they plan to do it.”

Update: Republican Governor Rick Scott, who won the election to become the next US Senator representing Florida before extra votes were counted, is facing a challenge to his claimed victory through a recount.  He is suing local elections officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties and accused them of “rampant fraud.”  He has also asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which he helps oversee as governor, to investigate them.  Earlier this year, a court ruled that the office of Dr. Brenda Snipes, the elections supervisor of Broward County, had illegally destroyed some ballots from a 2016 congressional race. 


Broward County and Palm Beach County in Florida, both Democrat strongholds are still counting ballots 43 hours after the polls closed.

Florida is once again bracing for recounts–this time there are no ‘hanging chads,’ but Democrat lawyers are descending on the State to steal the election.

Via The Miami Herald:

Florida’s chief legal officer, Secretary of State Ken Detzner, told county election supervisors Thursday to plan for as many as three statewide recounts and for extraordinary public and media scrutiny in the state with the singular status of unusually close elections.

“The recounts will be nationally watched … [we’re] under a microscope,” Detzner said on a conference call with counties.

Statewide races for U.S. Senate and commissioner of agriculture are within the machine recount window of half of 1 percent, according to incomplete and unofficial statewide returns. A third race, for governor, is at present slightly outside that threshold.

Socialist crook and former gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum released a statement Thursday morning, saying “It has become clear there are many more outstanding ballots left to count.”

Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio sounded the alarm Thursday morning.

Senator Rubio says Broward County election officials are trying to steal the election–‘Democrat lawyers have descended on Florida to change the election results,’ Rubio added.


#BayCounty was hit by a Cat 4 Hurricane just 4 weeks ago,yet managed to count votes & submit timely results.

Yet over 41 hours after polls closed #Broward elections office is still counting votes?

#Broward supervisor:
– says she doesn’t know how many ballots are left to be counted; &
– Isn’t reporting hourly or regularly,but rather releasing thousands of additional votes,often in the overnight hours,that are chipping away at GOP leads

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