Dianne Feinstein Denied Leaking Blasey-Ford’s Letter, Trump Says the FBI May Investigate Leak

Dianne Feinstein, Youtube
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President Trump says the FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh may reveal who leaked the letter by Christine Blasey Ford to the press. Trump does an amazingly accurate imitation of Feinstein’s denial that neither she or her staff leaked the document.




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3 years ago

“I was asked to keep it confidential.”-Feinstein How about the 20 year chinese spy she employed, Was she asked to keep that confidential? Somebody needs to ask that question.

3 years ago
Reply to  autumn

From what I’ve read about the SJC testimony, false statements are considered perjury. If Feinstein lied about leaking the Ford letter during the SJC meeting, would it be considered a felony?