Project Veritas Exposes IRS Employees in New Undercover Video

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James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released the fourth undercover video unmasking the Deep State. Two IRS officials, Thomas Sheehy, an IRS tax examiner and member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and Jerry Semasek, an IRS attorney in Washington, DC, candidly discuss the IRS’s unfair treatment of conservative non-profit groups. Sheehy praised former IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, as being “so cool” for deleting emails to get rid of evidence. Sheehy went on to say that conservative groups should be given extra scrutiny, even if it is a crime because he thinks they are they are fronts for the Koch brothers. Attorney Semasek said that certain groups with phrases like “tea party” or “patriots” in their names received extra scrutiny, and he admits that was a mistake. -GEG

IRS Tax Examiner: Target Conservative Groups Because They Are “… just f***ing fronts for the Koch brothers.”

Deleting IRS Emails is “… so cool… [conservatives] could not hold any evidence against… ” Former IRS Commissioner John Koskinen “…I don’t give a s**t if that is a crime.”

IRS Attorney on Lerner Scandal: “All that stuff we saw in the news, yeah mistakes were made.”

IRS is Comfy Gig, Democratic Socialist of America Gets “… a lot of paid time off and sick days” to Use for Activism

Contempt for America: “Unfortunately, I am not allowed by the bylaws of my union to go against the Constitution.”

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UPDATE: Sep 25, 2018, 2:36 PM | Project Veritas attorney Ben Barr submitted this complaint to the Department of Justice regarding the findings of this investigation.

(Washington DC) Project Veritas has released the fourth story in a series of undercover reports which unmask the Deep State. This report features two Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials who candidly discuss the IRS’s unfair treatment of conservative non-profit groups. The two officials in the report are Thomas Sheehy, an IRS tax examiner and member of the Austin Democratic Socialists of America in Texas, and Jerry Semasek, an IRS attorney in Washington, DC.

The Austin Democratic Socialists of America is a socialist group that works to advance ‘progressive issues’ in Austin, Texas.

Flagrantly Targeting Conservative Groups

Sheehy boasts about and appears to justify former disgraced IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who was mired in scandal for losing tens of thousands of emails regarding the Lois Lerner controversy. The Lois Lerner controversy occurred in 2013 and involved revelations showing that the IRS unfairly scrutinized conservative groups.

SHEEHY: “John Koskinen. He got a lot of flak for giving increased scrutiny to these Tea Party groups. Conservatives got really mad at him, he was so cool though because he deleted all the emails, so they could not hold any evidence against him.”

Sheehy continues:

SHEEHY: “Yeah, I don’t give a s**t if that is a crime for doing that because… you should give increased scrutiny to those groups because a lot of them are just f***ing fronts for the Koch brothers or whatever.”

Mistakes Were Made

In a separate meeting, attorney Semasek discloses to Project Veritas multiple times that “mistakes were made,” during the 2013 scandal when conservative non-profits were targeted when applying for tax-exempt status.

SEMASEK: “… you know what, for what it’s worth, on the record, I know people in Tax Exempt Government Entities. All that stuff we saw in the news, yeah mistakes were made”

Attorney Semasek, who worked for the IRS during the 2013 scandal, continued:

SEMASEK: “… The law requires that an organization can’t be political, it can’t be partisan to be tax exempt… Those employees in Cincinnati Ohio started to separate them and put them in a pile. And it turns out that they were like the Tea Party group of people. And I think they did, like Lois Lerner and maybe some of her employees were more liberal leaning or Democrats so I don’t know if they disallowed them, but they required them to produce more documentation to try to prove that they weren’t partisan.”

He repeated that mistakes were made:

SEMASEK: “… and that was bad. I think, from what people tell me, that really know about, there were mistakes made, but the problem with what happened… And again, there were mistakes made, and I think probably some people that were advised against conservative groups did make some mistakes.”

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3 years ago

Any employee Union or non Union who is found to be “working” in any capacity outside of their called in “sick day” with pay or not(just excused),from employment is an offense that can lead to termination of that employee when caught. And Project Veritas just caught that by confession. Considering the state of our injustice occurring in this nation Who knows maybe its possible A grievance will claim This IRS liar uses Dem Socialist as Therapy to destroy this nation dedicated to Agenda 21 Here Here yes we Socialist lawlessness rule in favor of the defendant He must be reinstated… Read more »